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Health Physics Associates, Inc. is a professional radiation protection consulting company, started in January 1985 by Anthony LaMastra. Mr. LaMastra is a Certified Health Physicist (American Board of Health Physics) and serves as the company president. The company is licensed by  the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to perform radiation related services for clients. We are also licensed to perform state required x-ray inspections in Maryland and Indiana. We qualify under the NRC's Increased Controls and Part 37 requirements as "trustworthy and reliable", including FBI background checks.

The photo shows a specialized source developed specifically to measure the thickness of refractory in a closed vessel being removed.


Health Physics Associates offers a wide range of professional and technical radiation protection services, specializing in industrial, commercial and academic clients. The following describe some of our typical services.

  • Measuring radiation fields and determining the potential hazard for employees and the general public.
  • X-ray and gamma radiation
  • Alpha radiation
  • Beta radiation
  • Neutron radiation
  • Radon & radon decay products, including unattached decay products
  • Developing written radiation protection programs, SOPs, Health and Safety plans, company policies, and Increased Controls and Part 37 programs; specific license application preparation (gauges, R&D, broad scope, specialized sources) for submittal to Federal and state regulatory agencies; auditing radiation programs; financial assurance plans, radiation response plans for waste disposal facilities.
  • Calibration of radiation detection equipment - both hand-held instruments and fixed radiation monitors.
  • Providing and analyzing radioactive material wipe test kits, on-site performance of wipe tests and shutter tests.
  • Radon and radon decay product testing in commercial buildings, schools and universities, residential buildings.
  • Installation of specifically licensed and generally licensed gauging devices containing radiation sources.
  • Performing baseline and environmental radiation studies to characterize existing radiation and radioactivity levels (including radon measurements).
  • Performing contamination and decommissioning surveys and developing decommissioning work plans.
  • Developing and presenting training programs in the safe use of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation producing equipment, including scrap and waste radiation monitoring response. Training programs are custom designed for your facility.
  • Designing scrap radiation monitoring installations; testing these systems for detection efficiency and continued quality of the detector media; developing response plans, QA procedures for periodic system testing, and field identification of radionuclides.
  • Designing waste facility radiation monitoring installations; annual calibration and periodic testing these systems for detection efficiency and continued quality of the detector media; developing radiation response plans, and field identification of radionuclides.
  • Designing and calibration of detection systems to analyze for radioactivity in metallurgical samples.
  • Assistance in disposing of radioactive material sources.


  • Designing radiation shielding and attenuation barriers for x-rays, gamma rays, beta radiation, RF and microwave electric and magnetic fields, ultraviolet and infrared radiation, and laser radiation.
  • Field and laboratory analyses of gross alpha and beta in water, soil, rock, and other environmental samples, alpha, beta, gamma, and radon analyses of airborne radioactivity concentrations, gamma spectral analyses of various environmental media, down-hole gamma analysis for radioactivity in drilled holes.

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