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Radiation Monitors at Waste Disposal Sites

Radiation Monitors at Waste Disposal Sites The photo shows a radiation monitoring system installed at a waste handling facility. Trucks entering the scale must pass through the radiation monitor and are scanned for radioactivity.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection now requires radiation monitoring systems at all waste disposal facilities. Other states are looking into similar regulations and several large national waste disposal companies have voluntarily installed radiation detection systems at the entrances to their facilities to detect radioactivity in inbound vehicles. The initial purpose was to detect dangerous radioactive sources that were inadvertently or deliberately being discarded in municipal, residual and hazardous waste. However, the high sensitivity of most of these detection systems is capable of detecting both naturally occurring radioactivity and low level medically administered radioactive materials excreted from outpatients. This has created a problem for the waste generators, haulers and the disposal sites because radiation regulatory agencies allow medically treated outpatients to dispose of radioactively contaminated waste in normal household trash. The radiation monitors at waste disposal sites can easily detect this discarded radioactively contaminated waste, as well as the many common materials containing naturally occurring radioactive materials that are present in many common items; items which are capable of setting off the alarms at these detectors. This has caused significant increased costs to waste disposal companies, waste transfer station operators, and municipalities.

Health Physics Associates, as a leader in designing systems and response plans, calibrating vehicle radiation monitoring systems and hand-held survey meters can assist you in planning for such systems, developing cost-effective response plans, handling, identifying and managing the radioactive materials contained in vehicles. The choice of the specific system and the response plan can mean the difference between spending thousands of unnecessary dollars and having detection equipment and a response plan that is efficient, cost-effective and easy to use. We are also a leader in training your response personnel and general site personnel to allay fears and equip them to effectively respond to an alarm. Or, we can provide the alarm response, if it is unlikely you will experience many alarms in a year. We have over 30 years experience in vehicle radiation monitoring systems and response, and possess field instrumentation that can locate and identify the source of radioactivity.

Health Physics Associates, Inc. is a radiation safety consulting company that has focused on the needs of industry. We know the fiscal constraints of private industry and work with you based on how you operate; we do not have a “one-size-fits-all” approach. If you need assisstance with waste monitoring issues, please contact us to discuss how we can help you comply with regulations or provide radiation detection and response at the lowest cost.

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