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This is one of our specialties, and like most of our other activities, our on-site training courses are tailored to your needs. We have been providing training meeting the needs of our clients and complying with the requirements of regulatory agencies since 1985. Training sessions focus on what your workers need to know to do their job safely and not on a lot of physics and math. Should specific questions be asked about complex physics concepts, we have the theoretical and technical competence to provide answers understandable by the average person. As a result, our training courses are typically shorter than most. We will tailor our sessions to meet your scheduling needs. If you have a need for either ionizing or non-ionizing radiation safety training, Contact Us and let us help you design or present your training program.

Types of training available:

  • Initial and refresher training for industrial applications, gauging applications, biomedical laboratory applications.
  • General ionizing radiation safety training for workers and supervisors, specific to the types of radiation sources used at your facility – both external and internal sources of exposure.
  • General radiation safety awareness training for non-radiation workers.
  • We will work with your training personnel to help them provide the written and presentation modules that will satisfy regulatory needs.
  • Train the trainer sessions.
  • RSO training.
  • Increased Controls training and training for the new Part 37.


  • What management should know about the requirements of radiation safety programs.
  • Safety in working with all frequency ranges of electromagnetic non-ionizing applications (DC, ELF, FCC industrial use frequencies, broadcast frequencies)
  • Laser safety

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