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Calibration of Radiation Survey Meters


Radiation survey instruments are capable of measuring very low levels of ionizing radiation; well below levels that are hazardous. If we are interested in knowing how much radiation is present in an area, not only do we have to understand the correct instrument to use, that instrument must also be calibrated to the type and energy of radiation we are interested in measuring. Health Physics Associates is capable of calibrating your radiation measurement instruments to the following list of radiations and energies. We also possess the health physics knowledge to help you choose the correct instrument for your application so that your measurements are meaningful.



Radiation Type and Energy Intensity

Gamma and X-Ray
  Cesium 137 (662 keV) 2 μR/hr through 10 R/hr
  Americium 241 (60 keV) 1 μR/hr through 500 mR/hr
  Cobalt 60 (1250 keV average) 10 μR/hr through 500 R/hr
  Iodine 125 (30 keV) 10,000 through 100,000 dpm

  154 through 2200 keV 10,000 through 400,000 dpm

  Americium 241 10,000 through 100,000 dpm
  Radium 226 500 through 50,000 dpm
  Uranium 238 10 through 100 dpm
  Plutonium 239 100 through 15,000 dpm


Should you have questions about what type of survey meter to use or desire information on instrument calibration, do not hesitate to contact us.

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